A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T

Artist Statement

"I think it is important to see God's creation as a gift - and to be able to experience it and somehow share its beauty with others is a blessing. It is my desire to view life in today's complex world with a sense of gratitude and adventure, as challenging as that may often be. Subject matter which is of particular interest to me are depictions of the South. I am also drawn to images which say something, contain mystery, and might, in a sense, take you where you want to be. While I believe it is important to search for and paint great subject matter, I think the best scenes are usually the ones that find you."

Biographical Statement (from Salon International 2004)

Darrell Warren Berry is a national and international award winning artist with paintings on display in public, corporate, and private collections. Recently an oil landscape entitled "Winding Stairs" was one of 13 winners in the International Artist Magazine landscape competition (February/March issue 2004) and was more recently published in a new landscape instructional book entitled How Did You Paint That? 100 Ways to Paint Landscapes. In watercolor Mr. Berry also received a top award in Watercolor USA (1999) and was featured among other artists in an article entitled "Rising Stars '99" in Watercolor Magic Magazine (Winter 2000) for the painting from William Faulkner's home entitled "Presence At Rowan Oak." During the past 25 years he has produced many other paintings and drawings which have been exhibited in one man shows and other competitions.

Mr. Berry studied art at the Arkansas Arts Center, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he earned a Bachelors degree in Art. During his college years he received instruction from such artists as Al Allen, J. O. Buckley, Warren Kessler, and Evan Lindquist.